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Hiring right the first time is crucial to profitability. Repeated training, mistakes, production delays, and capacity constraints all cause headaches and sap profits. At Staff Right, we specialize in providing reliable and cost-effective solutions that deliver positive returns.Whether you need one person or 500, our team will take time to understand your needs and supply you with the most talented professionals in the Dallas and Houston areas.

Our testing provider is Kenexa Prove It!

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Clerical Positions: Technical Project Manager; Distribution Manager; Logistics Manager; Health and Safety Manager; Procurement; Network Administrator; Import/Export Documentation; Inventory Clerk; Order Picker/Packer; Rate/Billing/Tariff Specialist; Logistics Admn./Help Desk; Materials Scheduler; Data Entry; Customer Service; Financial; Executive; Engineering; Legal; Office; Clerical
Light Industrial Positions: Warehouse Supervisor; Warehouse Operations Manager; Material Handlers; Reverse Logistics Assembly/Repair;Maintenance Mechanic; Welders; Electronic Assembly; Forklift/Industrial Truck; Warehouse Personnel; Freight Schedulers; Transportation Coordinator; Fleet Manager; Shipping/Receiving Supervisor; Industrial; Production; Warehouse; Assembly; Manufacturing; Welding
Direct Hire, Payroll and PEO Services  
Staff Right Differentiators:

  • Local onsite executive management
  • 2 hour guaranteed response
  • Superior associate benefits
  • Best in class service delivery
  • Forklift Certifications available

Drug tests (5/10 panel) and background screens are included in the mark ups.
**Staff Right, Inc. offers holiday, vacation pay along with medical benefits/BCBS.
**Staff Right, Inc. conducts Prove It assessments for all Office, Administrative and Industrial positions.

References: see our Testimonials page

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Find your company's true cost of hiring. This formula assumes you need only one recruitment ad to find the right talent and you're the only interviewer. If more advertising or resources are involved, you need to increase your multipliers/hours to find a closer approximation of your hiring expenses.

**This is just a rough estimate and that final rates will be determined upon final review from Staff Right**

Please enter:

Your annual salary $:  your hourly rate = $0


Ad cost for 1X only.
Internet $:
Newspaper $:
Ad copywriting and placement.   hour(s).
Resume review:
responses @ minutes / resume = 20.8 hours.
Assemble candidate list.   hour(s).
Phone pre-screening:
calls @ minutes each = 2.0 hours.
Time to organize interviews.   hour(s).
6 interviews @ hour(s) each = 6.0 hours.
Reference and employment history check.   hour(s).
YOUR TOTAL COSTS (1):  $0.00

Because recruiting activities often mention your company name, phone number and Web address, you should then assume:

50 phone calls to main phone number.   hour(s).
Receptionist time with candidate resumes.   hour(s).
Interview questions prep-time.   hour(s).
Arrange Round 2 of interviews.   hour(s).
Interview finalists:
candidates @ hour(s) each = 3.0 hours.
Miscellaneous time expenditure.   hour(s).
Calls to interviewed candidates:
6 calls @ minutes each = 1.5 hours.
Letters to candidates not hired.   hour(s).
Stationary and postage:
249 candidates @ dollars each = $747.00.


Total Costs (1):   $0.00
Total Costs (2):   $747.00
Grand Total:   $747.00






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